Offerings for Adults

3 8oz Jars -  Varietal Honeys (Light, Medium, Dark)Honey Tasting Workshop:

Use all of your senses to taste and identify flavor profiles and floral sources of single-source honeys.  The art of consciously tasting honey combined with sensory analysis allows us to establish a honey’s botanical sources.  Learn about honey from flower to bee, crystallization, fermentation, and how terroir affects a honey’s sensory qualities.  We will discuss the growth of beekeeping and special honeys of contemporary Israel.

Adult Lectures:

7thannual (1)Ethical Beekeeping: An Odyssey to 700 Hives on the Arizona-Mexico Border and the Treatment-Free Beekeeping of Dee Lusby

Organic gardener Amalia Haas began searching for alternatives to conventional beekeeping when the pest, disease, and feeding approaches taught through local beekeeping clubs didn’t sit right with her.  Amalia shares her alternatingly hilarious and nail-bitingly fearful week on the Arizona-Mexico border rangelands with Dee Lusby, founder of the Organic Beekeeping yahoo group and owner of Arizona Rangeland Honey.  She describes Dee’s approach to Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim – the prohibition of cruelty to animals — as well as what Dee calls “putting your animals first.” She contrasts her mentor’s approach to beekeeping with that of conventional commercial beekeeping, and asks us to reflect on how the Jewish tradition might ask us to relate to today’s dilemmas regarding the bees.

A Sweet Superorganism: How to Help Honeybees in a Disrupted World

Are you Pollinator Passionate, or even just Pollinator Curious? Gain context and substance for moving forward pollinator friendly policies in your community.  We will look at what constitutes disruption for bees, how bees adapt to challenges to their survival, and how we can help.  In closing, we will taste how different landscapes and seasons create honeys of greatly varied color, scent and flavor.

The Devorah Project: What’s Jewish about Beekeeping, and What’s “Bee-ish” about Jews?

Join Amalia Haas, owner of HoneyBeeJewish / HoneyBeeLocal and founder of the Jewish Beekeeping group on Facebook to hear about the growing discussions among Jewish beekeepers about parallels and intersections between Judaism and beekeeping.  Here about her still-in-development curriculum, The Devorah Project, and why she thinks that safe, close encounters with honeybees are confidence building transformative, and the deeper meaning of eating honey on Rosh HaShanah.

Pollinators in Peril: What’s Killing the Bees? And how to save them… from your backyard

Concerned about the bees and the monarchs and all other pollinators whose populations are declining? Changing landscapes, modern agriculture, climate change and globalization all play a role in pollinator decline.  Every third bite we eat is due to pollination, and both honey bees and native bees are disappearing.  Learn steps we can all take to ensure our food security and help bees thrive in today’s challenging environment.

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