Offerings for Children and Families

for Children and Families

Amalia Haas – 330-552-8BEE

Hands-On Honey! (5th- 10th graders)

“This is the most fun I’ve had since Kindergarten!”2oz Minibears

                 – 5th Grader, Gross Schechter Day School

Get the buzz on bottling honey, and the lowdown on how the bees make it! Roll up your sleeves to bottle, cap and label honey jars yourself. Sample two honeys and learn why they taste and smell so different.  Bring home a bottle of honey for the New Year table that you filled yourself.


                                                                                    BeeHive Yourself: The Classroom as Beehive (Ages 3-7)

Who knew that hoTeaching.Photoney bees work as construction workers, nurses and chefs, janitors, salon staff and masseuses, heating and cooling professionals, security guards and wild food foragers? In this workshop we will dress up and try out the myriad jobs of bees inside and outside the hive.  We will also learn a song to teach the three castes in the hive: worker, drone and queen.    

Honey Straws n’ Pollinator Seed Balls…

for a Sweet & More Flowerful New Year (Grades K – 6)

Help the disappearing pollinators by restoring some of their native habitat and food sources.  Enjoy the tactile process of kneading local wildflower seeds into a mixture of compost and moist clay.  After the seed balls dry, and then toss them onto bare or neglected land to sprout in Fall or Spring.  Watch the wildflowers bloom! Top off your Tikkun Olam workshop with a honey straw for a sweet and more flowerful New Year.

Honeycomb: Hands-On Honey Extraction Workshop (Grades 2 – Adult)

The Psalmist says, “The Words of the Torah are Sweet: Sweeter than Honey, than Honey from the Comb.” How do we humans take honey from the comb, and how do bees put it in there? How do they make beeswax? This workshop cannot help but captivate.                                                                            uncappingknife

To schedule a lecture or program, contact: Amalia Haas at or 330-552-8BEE.

Please visit our website for more information, including wholesale and retail raw honey: http://www.HoneyBeeJewish.comHoney-Ready-for-Extraction

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