“This is the most fun I’ve had since Kindergarten!”

– 5th Grader, Gross Schechter Day School, about the
Hands-On Honey Workshop
2oz Minibears 

The Jewish teens in Cleveland have become big fans of the HoneyBeeJewish project.   As part of our J-serve national day of Jewish service 20 teens had the pleasure of working with Amalia Haas.   If we were talking spiders we would say she wove a web of knowledge, values, and experience that made for a very meaningful experience.   If we stay in the bee business however we note two things.   Amalia kept these teens very, very engaged.   She also provided a very “sweet “ experience.

Dr. Jeffrey Schein
Director of JECC Adolescent Initiative


I thought the HoneyBeeJewish programming was very engaging, and the kids learned a lot.  They got a lot out of it! There was a very unique feel, a sense that most people probably never even learn these things, never experience them in their whole lives.  Most people view bees in a very negative way, and I think it is important for human beings to see how honey is produced.

I think the teens learned a lot about Nature.  They were very busy, no one was bored, they worked hard.  These are activities they have never done in their lives, so it provided a very unique opportunity, and was definitely valuable for team building!
I would definitely recommend Amalia Haas and HoneyBeeJewish.
– DL Lavin, Assistant Director
Cleveland NCSY

Our middle school was excited to bring in Amalia Haas and her Honeybee program as a special. It tied in well for our fall curriculum and having a guest teacher for our students gives them new and different perspectives. Amalia shared her amazing wealth of knowledge about honeybees, educating the students about the life cycle of a bee, the structure of the hive, pollination and more. In addition to an extensive knowledge base, Amalia brought in visual aids that were fun and interactive such as an observation hive and what she called “Honeybee Theatre” where students were able to dress up and act out the different roles of the bees that inhabit the hive. As a teacher, for my students, I think the most valuable piece of learning was discovering the struggle and necessity of the honeybee, how they are integral to our lives and what we can do to help repopulate them. I’m looking forward to having Amalia back in future years.
– Cheryl Stone, Middle School Faculty

Gross Schechter Day School



We recently took our Pack of Cub Scouts to tour Honey Bee Local apiary in Beachwood, Ohio and to attend beekeeper Amalia Haas’ in-depth participatory experience on the science of bees and the environment.  It was a wonderful, highly educational outing for the Scouts, who are learning about nature in various ways.

Amalia’s approach is distinctive in that it integrates science, the arts, and hands-on learning activities for children. The children learn how bees form a complex social community, by acting out the roles that bees play in the hive (e.g., worker bee, queen, soldier) with music and costumes.  The participation immerses the children in a fun, engaging world where they absorb important lessons about the function of bees as pollinators and enablers of a healthy environment for human beings.

If you are part of an organization interested in the relationship between people and pollinators, if you are a staff wanting to enrich your students’ science/STEM education, I highly recommend Amalia Haas’ experiential programs.  In the classroom, the boardroom, or at a visit to one of her apiaries, your members will become more familiar with issues of sustainability, the food chain, urban renewal, and more.  And, you will definitely have a fun and most memorable experience!

Rachel Taylor
Pack 613 Committee Chair
Tinkers Creek District, Greater Cleveland Council
Boy Scouts of America



Commenting on the Rosh HaShanah Greeting honeybee rescue video:

Very beautifully done, Amalia. You’ve given these bees a new start in life; without you, they might simply have been exterminated. In the best tradition, you’ve saved a life…and the bee world entire! May you and your family have a truly sweet year!
– Paul Gewirtz

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Bob Altabet
    Surprise Lake Camp
    Cold Spring, New York

    We have been using Amalia and Honey Bee Jewish 2 ounce jars for handouts at our Rosh Hashanah program for several years now. We love her service for our annual twelve cases. I wish I lived in Cleveland to visit.

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